Merle and Mexican Frenchies

In the 1990s, designer dog crosses gained in popularity due to their resistance to the genetic disorders that were cropping up in increasing numbers of purebred dogs. Mexican Frenchie puppies are a relatively new cross resulting from the mix between the French bulldog and the Chihuahua. The goal was to increase the stamina of the French bulldog and increase the mass of the Chihuahua, which is effectively done by crossing these two purebred dogs. However, it should be noted that the offspring may more closely resemble one parent or the other, and all of the puppies from a given litter may not look alike. It is because of this genetic instability that the designer dog crosses are not able to be registered as a new breed in and of themselves. Not until many generations of the dog are bred can the breeder expect the genetic stability inherent in purebred animals.

As with all designer dog crosses, there is a lot of genetic variability present in the offspring. Because the mix is not always 50/50 between the French bulldog and the Chihuahua, the offspring is somewhat more genetically stable than many other designer dog crosses. The ideal cross between the French bulldog and the Chihuahua results in a dog with a slighter frame and the sturdy bone structure of the French bulldog. They have short hair, and they shed very little.

Designer dog crosses will exhibit the characteristics of both of the parent breeds to varying degrees. In general, Frenchie puppies crave human companionship. They make great pets, and they love children. They can be quite energetic and playful at times, but they also love to cuddle with their human owners.
Grooming is relatively simple. Since they have short hair they do not require regular brushing. You may bathe your Frenchie puppy less frequently if you wipe your dogs coat regularly with a damp cloth. Your puppys nails should be clipped regularly, approximately every two weeks. Additionally, you should brush your dogs teeth on a regular basis to avoid tooth decay.

One of the main problems experienced by French bulldogs is related to the respiratory system. By crossing the French bulldogs with the Chihuahua, these respiratory limitations are lessened, and the offspring have more stamina than French bulldogs. However, the genetic problems experienced by both the French bulldog and the Chihuahua can crop up in subsequent generations. Life expectancy for Frenchies is approximately 12 to 15 years.